Advanced Cryptographic Technology

Cyber Security in Communication and Data Transfer (C-Core)

cyber securityTechnology

Next generation Cryptographic Core (C-Core) utilizes chip architecture based on advanced mathematical algorithms. This approach allows unparalleled advantages in delivered products. The C-Core is 10 times smaller and 50 times faster and much more energy-efficient than anything currently available in today’s market. More info ….

The So What

C-Core enabled devices provide the strongest possible encryption for all areas currently used in the military and in all possible devices from personal cell phones to aircraft communication. This technology will also provide a new line of secure devices for data storage and transmission.


At the time of implementing the 65nm technology its cryptographic core will have the following parameters:
• speed: about 11 RSA/MHz (for max frequency of 6 GHz 64,000 RSA/sec),
• power consumption: 8 µW/MHz (for frequency 2 MHz, 16 µW, 50 msec on one RSA),
• chip area: 0.05 square mm

The above numbers are unparalleled in today’s products throughout the world. C-Core is cheaper, smaller, faster and a more reliable solution for a multitude of voice and data security needs. The speed, small size and low Power consumption will allow the use of data encryption in all new areas currently impossible due to current technology limitations. Significant cost savings due to reduced size and power consumption.

it enineers in network server roomConclusion

Our cryptographic core has a tremendous advantage over currently existing products. In addition to using our cryptographic core with all traditional applications such as voice; data; wireless data streams, etc in much more efficient and secure ways it opens the possibility for using it in new areas such as RFID-tags. A comparison with the currently existing fastest models from various manufacturers indicates a considerable promise of this development. Our cryptographic core could successfully be used in every necessary application in order to completely secure communications and data with a significant performance improvement. Moreover, an important fact for the military is that it will only be necessary to certify one cryptographic core for all the applications. Thus, the cost of cyber security will decrease significantly.