High Speed On-Board Recording Systems (HS OBR) for High G environment


High-Speed On-Board Recorders: HS-OBR-12-8G, HS-OBR-9-6G, HS-OBR-6-4G, HS-OBR-3-2G


Ultra-High Speed Shock Hardened Miniature Recorders capture high-speed data for explosives, ballistics or any other harsh environment testing. Data recorded during these ultra-fast events at speeds up to 2MHz per data channel, allowing very high precision modeling and analysis of monitored processes.

Our base model HS-OBR-3-2G is a miniaturized, single board, high shock, solid-state recorder designed to acquire transducer data in shock environments of up to 100,000 G’s. Single boards could be easily interconnected providing unlimited data channel capability.

Boards are configured for a variety of transducer inputs to accommodate testing in harsh environments such as Oil Exploration work, Automotive crash testing, Blast testing, Armaments testing, and development.

Low power consumption and use of nonvolatile High Capacity Flash Memory allows data collection over long time period. Data Retrieval is possible  at any time after a test, even if the power was lost. Data retrieval is accomplished using a personal computer via USB port. The PC Software supplied with the recorder enables storage, display, zooming and printing of the data. HS-OBR custom Firmware Software upgrades are available. An epoxy-encapsulated units are available.


oil gasMade in the USA

MIL-PRF-55110G compliant

Up to 12GB of non-volatile memory with unlimited pre-trigger points provides sufficient amount of storage space for acquired data.

The So What

Our state-of-the-art High-Speed On-Board Recorder provides unparalleled functionality, accuracy, and flexibility of data acquisition in harsh environments.

AEL Inc. HS-OBR will greatly enhance monitoring and recording analog or digital data from sensors such as accelerometers, strain gauges, pressure transducers. Ultra high definition data, collected by HS-OBR, is ideal for in-depth digital signal processing (DSP).



Control Functions (output) Programmable
Data Input Channels 3,6,9,12,15…,Analog and Digital
Analog Amplifier Inputs Differential, High-impedance
Analog Low-Pass Filter 100 KHz (-3dB), Low Pass
Digitizer Amplitude Resolution 12 Bits (4096 Digital Steps)
Memory Capacity (non-volatile) 4 GB (stackable to 8 GB)
Pre-Trigger Data Points / Channel Programmable
Speed Sample Rate / Channel Selectable up to 2 MSPS Max
External Trigger Available (G-switch),3.3 Volt Positive Pulse
Internal Trigger (channel level) Programmable
Supply Voltage 6-18 DC V
Supply Voltage for Sensors (on-board) Available, 5 or 3.3 Volts
Input Current 50-60 mA
Delay/Arm Mode Time, Gain, Bias Programmable





















Board Length:                   1.2″
Board Width:                    1.57″
Weight:                               Model dependent
Maximum Shock Level:  ±100,000 G’s
Custom Housing:              Available upon request


HS-OBR-SFTW sophisticated application assigns sensors to channels via visual Wizard. HS-OBR software programs the recorder, retrieves, stores, displays, and examines data.

The minimum recommended computer configuration is: Windows XP, a Pentium 5, 1.5 GHz or higher, 1024 x 768 graphics, 80 Gig drive, 1GB RAM, USB port, HS-OBR-CU (communication unit), HS-OBR-PK (board programming kit) and printer.



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